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NOTE. Andy is no longer a Google Trusted Photographer but is still shooting 360 degree Virtual Tours.

Non-Google tours offer so much more flexibility such as menus so that you can jump between rooms and buildings, Hot spot links, embedded pictures and video etc. If you were looking for a Google Tour, speak with Andy first (no obligation) and see if he can persuade you that you will be better off this way.

Look at the examples here, them compare them to those on the Home Page and see what you think.

Case Study - Longridge Activity Centre

Flooding Update:-

Longridge has suffered badly in the floods. If anyone can offer any of the following, then please do get in touch with Longridge directly

"We have received huge demonstrations of support, which has left us less gloomy - thank you to everybody that has offered to help. We will be in touch when the water has started to recede with details of what we need and when. In the meantime, the very lovely people at Asda in High Wycombe are collecting items for us (whilst we can't accept things at Longridge), so if you have anything on the following list and need to get rid of it now, please take it down to Asda who together with Big Yellow are looking after it until we are ready.

Front doors : Floor tiles : Water proof grouting : Corrugated plastic : Fence paneling : Gravel boards : wooden posts : Postcrete : Bricks : cement : sand : cement mixer : 14 pairs 3’’ Butt hinges : 10x Briton door closers 2003 addition : 10x Yale digital door coded locks : 10x Satin finish D shaped handles : 14x narrow door drips : Door Dams x20 : Good quality Chip bark 10 tons : Type 2 stone hard core 20 tons : ’posts to build fencing the same as existing one on site : Tarmac : Grass protecting matting : Automatic flood air bricks : Park style bins : Black bitumen’s paint : Gloss paint neutral colour : Emulsion magnolia vinyl matt : Paint Cafe Colour Turquoise: Paint Softcat Bright Colours : Fillers : Corking : rollers, trays, brushes, dust sheets : Timber of all type and sizes : panel products : Tanking : Bulbs : gardening equipment : wheelbarrows : DIY equipment : Gas Range cooker : Dishwasher : Under counter fridge : ice-cream fridge : fridge/freezer : fans : dehumidifiers : duvets/bedding

We unfortunately lost pretty much everything. There is more to add, but can’t be sure what is save-able until the river subsides.

Thank you - thank you - thank you for all of your kind words and support."

Longridge Activity Centre, an Outdoor activity Centre in Marlow, Bucks takes a very proactive approach to online promotional activity. It has Twitter (@Longridge) and Facebook Accounts and, importantly, actually uses them. Many Companies set them up, send a few Tweets or Facebook posts, then forget about them. Engaging with your current and future clients means regular posts and Tweets with content that is relevant and interesting, not just a 'look how good we are' attitude. Longridge has this off to a 'T'.

I dropped some information off and it was duly passed to the Marketing Co-ordinator, Sam. Usually when I drop information off to prospects, I have to chase it, send them more to replace the lost ones and generally persuade them how Google Maps Busness View can work for them. Sam got the concept straight away. She called me back and we arranged a meeting.

At the meeting we went through GBP, what it was, how it works and the benefits (show the size of the Centre, the range of activities etc.24/7 coverage and that it would stand out more on Google Searches). We then walked the site to determine what was to be photographed. I explained how the process worked on the day and Sam pointed out specific areas that should be included.

We discussed some sort of 'Easter Egg' (something hidden in a website that users could find) and agreed to implement this.

After agreeing a price and date, Sam got her team tidying the place up and on the day, it was as tidy as you could expect an Activity Centre to be. Longridge even put out the Bunting. Nearly.

This was a workday, so there were classes ongoing around the place. This is not a problem. I don't expect work to stop for me - although it can be beneficial to pose shots. Since we have to blur faces, an ideal opportunity arose with the fencing class where faces were naturally covered. If you look at the Tour, you will see a class in action, but in real life, they freeze-framed for me.

Sam and I were keen to show off the Climbing wall and the Leap of Faith. I think that they call it 'going beyond the call of duty' but I returned to site later after the classes had finished and duly climbed to the top of the wall and also the Leap of Faith Tower. Bearing in mind that I was 49, had not done any climbing for years and had never attempted a Leap of Faith, then to do all that at a drop of a hat, with some expensive camera equipment strapped to my back was quite an achievement.

Unfortunately, in the final cut, to get the Leap shots, I was having to rotate the camera, then duck under the platform to take the shot with my remote. Later, when processing, I found that on one rotation, there was a disembodied arm, which would not have passed QC, so had to be skipped. The Climbing Wall worked, though. Adam and Matt were my instructors for the shoot and were very professional and tolerant to a near-50 year old trying to prove he hadn't lost it. Thanks guys, I'd recommend you any time.

So, that's it. I had a fair bit of behind the scenes work to do after but about two weeks later, the Tour was published by Google and you can now see it in all its glory.

As I said at the start, Longridge 'got' the concept and have made full use of being able to start the Tour at any point, so if you go to its website, you can see that on a lot of the pages, Sam has embedded the Tour, starting at the appropriate point.

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Sam Parker, Marketing Co-ordinator for organising the shoot and corralling the staff into a tidy up for the shoot
Adam and Matt for their experienced rope handling
The Longridge Staff for making my life easier on the day. Even the shy ones that didn't want to be in the Tour. You know who you are.

Interested? Call for more information: 01628 56 99 22

Prices depend upon the size of the premises and, therefore, how many panoramas are needed. There are a statutory three to link the Business to the Outside World and then one every 4-10 metres or so depending upon the layout. This is all something that we can discuss at the pre-shoot meeting. Remember, this price is a one-off, so unless you redecorate, will last for years. Even if it only lasts one year, that is £1 a day. Now compare that to the cost of a Newspaper Advert that lasts 1 week. Can you get an advert Locally Nationally Internationally for £7 a week?

If you run a Business then call me now on 01628 56 99 22 to get your business shot and online Now. All you need are customer-facing premises (no messy back-office shoots, please) and a Google Local+ Listing. If you haven't got one of these already, it's free and I can help you set up yours

Three steps to Heaven:-

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Step Three - I will process and publish them using the same Google software behind Streetview and, Bazinga, your interactive Tour is Live on Google maps 24/7

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