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NOTE. Andy is no longer a Google Trusted Photographer but is still shooting 360 degree Virtual Tours.

Non-Google tours offer so much more flexibility such as menus so that you can jump between rooms and buildings, Hot spot links, embedded pictures and video etc. If you were looking for a Google Tour, speak with Andy first (no obligation) and see if he can persuade you that you will be better off this way.

Look at the examples here, them compare them to those on the Home Page and see what you think.

Sample Google Maps Business View Tours

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Bracknell Leisure Centre

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Bracknell Leisure Centre offers something for everyone, from children to those 'young at heart' there is always plenty to do to keep active and have fun.

Bracknell Leisure Centre

Interested? Call for more information: 01628 56 99 22

Prices depend upon the size of the premises and, therefore, how many panoramas are needed. There are a statutory three to link the Business to the Outside World and then one every 4-10 metres or so depending upon the layout. This is all something that we can discuss at the pre-shoot meeting. Remember, this price is a one-off, so unless you redecorate, will last for years. Even if it only lasts one year, that is £1 a day. Now compare that to the cost of a Newspaper Advert that lasts 1 week. Can you get an advert Locally Nationally Internationally for £7 a week?

If you run a Business then call me now on 01628 56 99 22 to get your business shot and online Now. All you need are customer-facing premises (no messy back-office shoots, please) and a Google Local+ Listing. If you haven't got one of these already, it's free and I can help you set up yours

Three steps to Heaven:-

Step One - Call me and arrange a visit

Step Two - I will shoot the Panoramas and some stills for publicity on your Local+ Listing

Step Three - I will process and publish them using the same Google software behind Streetview and, Bazinga, your interactive Tour is Live on Google maps 24/7

Click here to learn more, then give me a call. 01628 56 99 22

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